About EGGs

Energy Group for Generation & Storage (EGGs)

Our lab, Energy Group for Generation & Storage (EGGs), specializes in the advancement of clean energy technologies aimed at substituting current carbon-emitting alternatives. Notable examples of these technologies include fuel cells, capable of generating electrical energy through the utilization of hydrogen and air as fuels, and electrolyzers that produce hydrogen from liquid water and electricity. The successful integration of these cutting-edge technologies contributes significantly to the reduction of carbon footprints in our daily lives. 

We approach by deploying a diverse range of skills to fabricate, test, and characterize electrochemical energy conversion devices. Taking a hands-on approach, we manufacture our own cells to comprehensively understand these devices throughout and maintain complete control over the process. Employing operando imaging techniques allows us to visualize and comprehend the underlying physics governing these systems, and we further enhance our understanding by simulating the multi-phase flow occurring within these devices.

Ultimately, our research endeavors are driven by the aspiration to contribute significantly to the decarbonization of society, thereby playing a crucial role in mitigating anthropogenic global climate change. Through our dedication to developing and understanding innovative clean energy solutions, we aim to pave the way for a sustainable and environmentally conscious future.